Act 3

Darkwing : "I am the terror that flaps in the night!"

Steelbeak : "What de?!"

Darkwing: "I am the frostbite on the toes of crime! I am Darkwing Duck!"

Steelbeak: "Man, youse is ruinin' everyt'ing! Now get ready to be roast duck!"

Gosalyn : (OS) "Darkwing Duck!"

Darkwing: Gosalyn?"

[Gosalyn is at the top of the cliff about to be blown away by the blizzard as she hangs on for dear life onto the pine tree whilst Darkwing and Steelbeak are down below]

Steelbeak: "Too bad youse won't be able to save de little girl wit' out gettin' blown away, Darkwing!"

[Steelbeak pulls the lever]

Steelbeak: "One full blast, an' St. Canard is on ice, permanently..."

[Gosalyn still clings onto the tree]

Gosalyn: "What?! You're crazy, Steelbeak!"

[Darkwing performs a somersault and attacks the FOWL Eggmen with his double-footed web kick]

[DW confronts Steelbeak and points his gas gun at the evil rooster]

Darkwing: "Suck gas, evil-doer!"

[DW pulls the trigger on his gas gun and fires a canister of gas]

[Steelbeak starts hacking]

Steelbeak: "All right, consider me very mad!"

[Looks around and DW is nowhere in sight]

Steelbeak: "Where'd he go now?!"

Cut to:

[Darkwing is climbing the tree to try to reach Gosalyn]

Darkwing: "I'm...almost there, Gos..."

[Gosalyn is starting to lose her grip]

Gosalyn: "Help me, Darkwing..."

[The cold wind picks up, causing her to lose her grip]

[Gosalyn screams as the wind begins to blow her away, only she stops at a few inches]

[Gosalyn looks and sees that she is safely in Darkwing Duck's arms]

Gosalyn: "Darkwing!"

Darkwing: "I got you, sweetie, I got you..."

[DW safely carries Gosalyn down the tree, the the wind is still strong]

[DW ties Gosalyn firmly to the tree to keep her from being blown away]

Darkwing: "It's you and me now, Iron-breath..."