Taurus Bulba Cyborg

Act 1

[Gosalyn covers her head, hearing Taurus Bulba's voice in her head]

Taurus Bulba's voice: "I meant to stay in touch, but things got out of...hand."

Gosalyn: "Go away...leave me alone."

Taurus Bulba's voice: "You'll do anything I want..."

[We see Gosalyn freezing up in fear]

[We zoom in to her eyes, and see Taurus Bulba in the reflection of her eyes]

[Taurus Bulba laughs evilly]

Cut to:

[Gosalyn wakes up, screaming and crying]

Darkwing: (OS) "Gosalyn. Gosalyn, baby, are you okay?"

[DW comes into her room, picks Gosalyn up in his arms and strokes her hair gently]

[Gosalyn clutches onto DW tightly]

Gosalyn: (frightened) "Dad, I saw Taurus Bulba again in my dream, and I saw you die in the explosion...and he...he,"

Darkwing: "It's going to be okay, honey. Daddy's here."

[DW hugs her tightly]

Gosalyn: (scared) "Oh, Dad...if I'm left alone, Taurus Bulba will come after me again..."

[DW sings the lullaby "Little Girl Blue"]

Darkwing: "Close your eyes, Little girl blue, Inside of you lies a rainbow, Yellow, blue, red, blue, and purple too, Blue, purple and green, and the yellow... Rest your head, little girl blue, Come paint your dreams on a pillow I'll be near to chase away fear, So sleep now and dream til tomorrow I'll be near to chase away fear, So sleep now and dream til tomorrow..."

[Darkwing strokes Gosalyn's hair as she gradually falls asleep in his chest]

Darkwing: "Oh, my sweet little Gosalyn...if only I had been able to protect you from that monster that had done so much to you..."

[DW carries Gosalyn back to bed]

[DW strokes Gosalyn's hair and kisses her on the forehead]

[Launchpad steps into the room]

Launchpad: "How's she doing, DW?"

[DW places a finger to his beak, shushing Launchpad]