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Dedicated to all Darkwing Duck fans young and old alike. Darkwing Duck is a Disney animation series that ran from 1991 to 1992. Darkwing Duck is a great classic Disney Animated Series, and spin-off of Ducktales, that premiered on September 8, 1991. It was nominated for 5 Emmy awards, and it was also part of the Disney Afternoon Block.


  1. You are NOT to boss anybody around.
  2. You CANNOT, I repeat, CANNOT cheat to obtain badges, such as adding irrelevant categories to pages or making disruptive edits or adding incorrect images.
  3. Crossovers are okay, but be sure that they are with DuckTales or any other series that were part of the early Disney Afternoon Block.
  4. When making your own fan episode, you may NOT add vulgar language, drug references, sexual themes or any adult content. Remember, this is a kids' show.
  5. You CANNOT mock an administrator under any circumstance.
  6. Do not edit the page of another user's character without their permission.

Any rule violation may result in a block.

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