Act 2

[Mutant Flowers are terrorizing the festival goers]

Gosalyn: "What's going on?!"

Honker: "Judging by those oversized flowers, I'd say Bushroot is at it again, Gosalyn. Come on, let's go find your dad."

[Honker and Gosalyn run off to find Darkwing]

Cut to:

Binkie: "My goodness! My lilacs aren't supposed to be acting like this!"

[Darkwing jumps between the mutated lilacs and Binkie]

Darkwing: "Stand aside, good citizen. Darkwing Duck shall take care of this root of the problem."

Cut to:

[Bushroot and Spike are watching from afar]

Bushroot: "Ooh, not that Darkwing Duck again! He's ruining everything!"