It had taken a few years of putting up with of the supervillain insanity in St. Canard before anyone realized what they really needed to do. The so-called supervillain prison simply wasn't enough to withstand the powers of MegavoltBushroot and The Liquidator. The prison also did not take steps in Quackerjack's ever-growing insanity. It was clear that what St. Canard really needed was a maximum security asylum for the criminally insane. And so Duckham Asylum was built.

Infrastructure and Purpose

It has cells for holding inmates/patients, it has a cafeteria, it has a recreation area, it has a staff lounge, etc. It also possessos state of the art security (witch still doesn't seem to stop criminals from getting loose, but it seems to be doing better than its predecessors). The purpose of Duckham Asylum is to contain the criminally insane, specifically those with super powers/supernatural ability/etc. It also works to try and rehabilitate it's inmates/patients.


Main Patients

Minor Patients