Dr. Younbeak is one of the doctors of the newly built Duckham Asylum. She has a good background in criminal psychology (extensive schooling and a couple years of actually interacting with criminals), but she has never had to deal  with super-powerd criinals like the Fearsom Five before. She truly wishes to help the patients at Duckham Asylum, but she may be in over her head.


Dr. Youngbeak's background is not touched upon musch, if at all, in her only fic appearance. Her chilhood wasn't exactly normal, as hs egrew up in a single-parent household, raised by her mother. Her fater wsa not exactly willingly absent in her life. It was just that he spent most of his life in an asylum for the criminally insane outside of St. Canard. He was part of the reason she was inspired to take up psycholoy. Pereviously, she worked at small-time institutions, but with the recent building of Duckham Asylum, she has found employment attempting to help the worst St. Canard has to offer.


Dr. Youngbeak is calm and possesses a certain extent of steel nerves. She is capable of talking to her often very dangerous and unstable patients without much fear. She is, however, only a simple duck and will exhibit nervousness and anxiety if faced with an unrestrained patient or immediately dangerous situation. She is a very caring individual and legitimately wants to help her patients get better, which can often cause her no-end of frustration when she's faced with a case that may well be hopeless. She usually does not give up, though, unless she thinks she is out of her league. She's a workaholic, often taking on much more than she can handle and leaving little room for development of her own personal and social life. As a result, she may seem aloof and perhaps even stuck-up to people who are not her patients. She can be a very skeptical individual and also has a very low tolerance for nonsense. It's also entirely possible that she has no sense of humor.

Because of her job, she is naturally an Extroverted person and yet appears to have very few friends (probably again, because of her job). When she's not engaging in work-related activities (which is almost never), she enjoys reading a few types of fiction (mysteries, drama, and sci-fi) and watching movies/TV (pretty much the same with the occasional Derek Blunt movie thrown in) and just going out somewhere and having a good time with friends.